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Introduction: Influence Map by LuLuLiore Introduction: Influence Map by LuLuLiore

First row:

Hayao Miyazaki

(Pictured: Spirited away)

This man has a kind of magic. He makes the most ordinary things seem whimsical. I remember seeing ads for this film as a young girl and begging my mom for the movie

Katamari Damacy

This game is fun, if you haven't played it yet. The thing that inspires me artwise is the backgrounds- the pixely square starry sky reminds me those tissue paper candle holders that you make in elementary school.

Vincent Van Gogh

(Pictured: Starry night over the rhone)

Probably my first favorite classical artist. This whole period in art is amazing.

Second row:


When I started watching pokemon was the first time I started drawing consistently- It always holds a special place in my heart.

Sailor moon

I think this is where my first obsession with drawing hair started. I blame meatball heads flowing locks.

Alphonse mucha

(pictured: moon)

The obession with hair definitely grew here. (haha pun) the thick lines and graphic style speak to me.

Lucille O Ball

So not an art/artist but watching this with my Nana as a child I think really formed my sense of style as an adult which ends up coming through in my art work. Also, my first love of redheads started here. Hehe.

Tetsuya Nomura

(pictured: yuna and tidus from FFX)

I went through a Kingdom hearts fangirl phase in middle school. Fell in love with his character design work. So. Many. Zippers.

Third row:

Gustav Klimt

(pictured: Water Serpents II)

Klimt's use of different textures are what really inspires me. His colors too. Something about the unabashed naked women he paints is kind of freeing and slightly blush inducing.


(pictured: Eureka Seven)

I can still watch eureka seven today. Something about the mixture of comedy/scifi/ and seriousness just makes it really appealing. It also helps that the people that draw for this studio are talented as hell- love love love how clean and pretty everything they do is.

Gil Elvgren

(pictured: Ketchup Mishap)

Im such a sucker for pinups and this man is the master. My friend bought me an artbook of his that I use for reference in drawing all the time. The way he paints is something I want to learn to emulate. So soft and luminous!

Bottom row:

Lois Van Baarle (Loish)

(pictured: a girl and her pet)

I remember faving her images way long time ago on another dev art account. This is why I want to learn how to paint digitally. She's so talented! I just love how chunky her art is and her colour pallets are so fun!


(pictured: Beauty and the Beast)

Without a doubt one of my biggest influences. Ive grown up on disney. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite as a girl tied with The Little Mermaid. The transformation scene is so awesome.  


I couldnt think of a way to start my 100 themes challenge so...this! 

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